Sickish – Groupie VIP

Sickish revisits an old favorite with his new VIP mix of his track “Groupie”. While the origonal track had more trap influences, this version takes a more dubstep orientated approach. The track was also modified to have three distinct drops, each incorporating different sounds and styles of dubstep. There has been a lot of growth in Sickish’s production since the release of origonal and it really shows in this remix!

Give “Groupie VIP” a listen here!

Brotherz From Another Mother – Bright

In preparation for their set at Nine2Grime’s Fall Feels show last night, Nashville based duo Brotherz From Another Mother dropped their new track “Bright”. “Bright” is an experimental electronic track that deliver a trippy, wavy experience from start to finish. If you’re looking for new music to chill to, I would definitely recommend adding this one to your playlist!

Check it out here!

Sego Genesis – Get Down

Sego Genesis continues to blow me a way with every track he releases. Today he dropped his new single “Get Down”. The song itself feels like it draws from house influences and contains a melody that will get stuck in your head for days. Featuring incredible vocal and piano work, this is definitely a track that I’ll have on replay for a while.

Check it out here!

Starstrukkd – Creation

After experimenting with his previous release “Lone Wolf” Starstrukkd returns to his signature Dubstep sound with his new song, “Creation”. Starstrukkd describes the track as a “new beginning to his career” and I could not agree more. The song is a testament to the growth I’ve seen in his music since I started following him and is definitely worth checking out!

Listen for yourself here!

John the Dropout, Tony Chetta and Jordyn Benedict – It Really Be like That

Our good friend John the Dropout has teamed up with Tony Chetta and Jordyn Benedict to bring us an incredible new song titled “It Really Be Like That”. The track is a combination of various genres including pop and future bass and the seamless blend between the styles is truly a sight to behold. This is the 2nd time that the trio has collaborated and their chemistry really shows! I can’t wait to hear what they do next!

Check it out here!

Bobsy – Resentment

Bobsy returns with his new track “Resentment”, and I have to say, this one is an adventure. “Resentment” draws heavily from trap influences while still keeping the massive feel from his LIMBO remix. This song is absolutely massive, and I would highly recommend giving this one a listen!.

Starstrukkd – Lone Wolf

Starstrukkd departs from his dubstep and riddem inspired sound to bring us a serious heater titled “Lone Wolf”. For this song, he ventured into the world of hardstyle and completely made it his own, resulting in a track that sound truly unique and origonal. I absolutely love watching artists experiment with new sounds and styles and this song does not disappoint!

Check it out here!

SayLess – Why Not?

Sayless is back again with another insane track. Like their previous releases this year, “Why Not?” shows that they’re not afraid to venture out of their comfort zone and experiment with new styles of music. “Why Not?” is a speed house track that leaves one heck of an impression. With amazing production, lots of energy and a sample from a classic Geico commercial, there’s so much to love and enjoy about this one. Can’t want to rave to this one in the future!

Listen to “Why Not?” here!

Beat Market – Verona

“Verona”, an electro track by Montreal Based duo Beat Market, Is definitely a song that caught me off guard. Fresh off their new EP “All Good”, the duo use their musical talent to deliver a truly amazing and trippy experience. The song itself captures an old school electronic vibe that reminds me of early Eric Prydz or Deadmou5, and it is always great to hear a fresh new take on nostalgic feelings.

Listen to “Verona” here!

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