The Journey Begins….

Let me start this off by introducing myself, my name is Jay. I have been a fan of electronic music since my junior year in high school. I had been a pretty avid music fan at that point but everything changed when I heard the Flosstradamus remix of Major Lazer’s Origonal Don. That song introduced me to trap music which eventually opened the door to other types of electronic music. It wasn’t until I came to Nashville that I saw my first EDM show, The Mad Decent Block party featuring Diplo, Big Gigantic, Zed’s Dead and several  others. It was that show set my life in a completely new direction, however I soon realized that events like that were few and far between in Nashville. Despite the rare EDM occurrences, every show I went to would be a night to remember. Fast forward to this year, I attend a show featuring only local artists in a sold out venue. The place is absolutely packed and everyone is enjoying themselves. I realized that despite what many think, there is a strong  electronic presence here, we just need the right person to bring it to the surface.

So that brings us here. My goal with this blog is to highlight the best electronic and dance talent Nashville has to offer. To help launch the blog I included a 30 minute mix I made, but as time goes on, I plan to showcase the best talent in music city. With that said , welcome to Music City EDM!

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