Artist Spotlight: Infinium

This week we will be taking a look at the Local Dj and Producer Jonathan Gray aka Infinium. He is 1/2 of the Production Duo Shakn & Stird with Declan Weir aka Uilium. Infinium grew up in Summit, New Jersey. He first started performing at a young age, playing sets at birthday  parties and  Bar Mitzvahs. Over time, he eventually began experimenting with Ableton and soon began creating his own music. His early work had a strong house influence, but in recent years, he has been expanding into other genres. He moved to Nashville about 4 years ago to learn more about  the music business at Belmont University.

His recent work draws influence from acts like Porter Robinson  Seven Lions, Daft Punk, Paris Blohm as well as several of the acts signed to Monstercat. He described his current work as “a mixed bag of everything. I don’t really subscribe to one genre, I just make what feels right”. His next release is a new project from Shakn & Stird.

Check out Shakn & Stird’s song Run Here!

Last week we premiered his Remix of Avicii’s Without You!

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