Artist Spotlight: Jonny Grande

This week we will be looking at Jonny Grande, a Grammy nominated producer and DJ based in Nashville. Originally from rural east Tennessee, Grande’s love for music first came from his father, who played guitar professionally for more than 20 years. While he was a student at Tennessee Wesleyan University, he began working as an assistant engineer to producer Lane Johnson, where they worked together on Collapsible Lung by Relient K and Acceptance Speech by Dance Gavin Dance. After transferring to MTSU, he began traveling between studios in Nashville and Atlanta. During this time period, he had begun producing beats for rappers in the Atlanta area which eventually lead to him meeting Rapper Derek Minor, a man who would change his life forever. In 2015, Grande joined Minor as his tour DJ which lead to him performing with acts like Lecrae and Kirk Franklin. While on tour, he began experimenting with new preforming techniques as well as the production of electronic music. In 2015, he released is debut EP, Suspended, which features an appearance from Derek Minor.


Since moving to EDM, Grande has seen a fair amount of success, performing with Eliminate, Hydraulix, Party Thieves and Barely Alive. In 2017, he received a Grammy nomination for his contributions to the Morgan Heritage Album, Avrakedabra. When asked about his influences, he named metal bands such as The Chariot, As Cities Burn and Underoath as well as older Bassnectar and Skrillex songs. When speaking on his current production, Grande gave a quote from Herobust, stating “when you’re inspired by music, do your best to recreate the feeling not the sound”.  In October of 2017, he released his second EP, Soundboy Killa, featuring an appearance from Morgan Herritage’s Gramps Morgan. In addition to creating music, Grande is extremely involved in growing Nashville’s EDM community, creating the popular monthly Grande Thursday events. Looking Jonny Grande already has a pretty big year ahead of him, with plenty of new music lined up as well as a music video coming out in the near future. Be to catch him at Grande Thursdays 004 on March 22!


Keep up with everything Jonny Grande is working on!

Check out Grande’s Soundboy Killa EP here!

Be sure to check out Grande Thursdays!

Photo by Ryan Mclemore

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