Artist Spotlight: John The Dropout 

This week we are taking a look at the Nashville based producer John Dyke, AKA john the dropout. Originally from Reston, Virginia, John grew up playing guitar, with dreams of being a singer songwriter. As he got older, he spend most of his high school years in various boarding schools. While attending Cushing Boarding School, he was introduced to EDM through the work of Swedish House Mafia, and fell involve with the genre. After getting a copy of Ableton for Christmas, he started devoting his time to creating his own  electronic music.
His love of creating electronic music eventually brought him to Belmont University, however, he soon decided to drop out and put all of his attention on his music. Since then, He has released two singles. The first single released was “Sweet Tooth”, a soulful collaboration with singer Rosé. The second and most recent single “Not in Love” sees John reuniting with Rosé for a future bass banger. Looking forward, John the dropout has a big year planned, with a third single planned to be released in the next few months as well as a remix EP for Sweet Tooth. After getting to hear some of the remixes, I’m very excited see everything he has planned for this year!

Check out John the Dropout!

Check out “Not in Love” here!

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