Artist Spotlight: Bizzy 

This week we will be taking a look at local producer and DJ, Bizzy (Aka Taylor Moore). Bizzy specializes in Drum & Bass and Halftime, bringing a new unique flair to the Nashville electronic scene. Originally from the deep south, he formerly performed under the name Syzygy, until one night when he attended a show in Atlanta featuring Shades (Eprom and Alex Perez) and Ivy Labs. He was blown away by the energy of the performance and loved how “everybody there was getting busy”, which prompted his new name.

Some of Bizzy’s biggest influences include Ivy Labs, Noisia and Alex Perez as well as drawing inspiration from acts like Bassnectar and Pretty Lights. He has performed with several big name acts including Pretty Lights, Ganja White Night and Grammatik. In February of this year, Bizzy released his debut EP, Initiate on Bass by Calvary Records. In the near future, he plans to release his second EP through the UK based label Audio Reloaded Records. We’re really excited to see where Bizzy goes with his music and we highly recommend checking him out!

Check out Initiate Here!

Check out his guest mix here!

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