Artist Spotlight: Finderz Keeperz

This week we are taking a look a the Nashville based duo Finderz Keeperz. The duo consists of Austin Ellzey and Joseph Darnell. Ellzey, originally from Merced California, was introduced to FL Studio while spending weekends with his uncle, and soon began producing Hip Hop beats. Over time, his interest switched into electronic music, particularly Dubstep. Darnell grew up in Lewisburg, Tennessee, and was introduced to EDM with the song Sierra Leone by Mt Eden. After spending hours looking through other suggested videos on Youtube, he fell in love with the genre. After moving to Nashville, the duo crossed paths a couple of times, eventually becoming friends on Facebook. One day, Ellzey made a post on Facebook expressing an interest in creating a Street Fighter remix, and Darnell, also a fan of the game, reached out to him and eventually they began working on their first collaboration. There was immediately creative chemistry between the two, and soon they decided to continue creating music together, realizing they were the only people creating this type of music

Since then, the duo has seen success, playing with acts such as Barely Alive, MUST DIE!, Wuki, Protohype and even a collaboration with Riot Ten. Musically, the duo has been influenced by some of the best acts in the Dubstep realm, including Skrillex, Must Die!, Nitti Gritti, Virtual Riot, Wooli and many others. The duo has had music released on a couple different record labels, including 3 songs on Recall Records,1 on Captivation Records with one song being released soon on Safari Network. They are also core members of the Grande Thursday team. With all of this momentum, I highly suggest checking them out. Today, they released a remix to Basstrick’s track Ghost Busters. This track is a departure from their previous work, containing strong bass house influences, and I have to say, it’s a banger!

Check out their Ghost Buster remix here!





Photo Credit: Eddy Whitaker Photography

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