Artist Spotlight – Nightfrog

It’s been a little while since we’ve done an Artist Spotlight here, but we’re very excited to highlight one of our favorite names in the Nashville EDM scene! Nate Harrison, better known as Nightfrog, is a DJ/Producer based in Nashville. Originally from a small town in East Tennessee, Nightfrog moved to Murfreesboro to study Audio Engineering at MTSU. While he was a student, he landed an internship with Snoop Dogg’s mixing engineer, and assisted with the creation of the rapper’s 8th album “Tha Blue Carpet Treatment”. During this time he gained invaluable information about mixing and mastering.

Outside of production, creating and performing music has always been big part of Nightfrog’s life, acting as the main drummer in a band with his childhood friends for more than 22 years. While he was still in college, he began experimenting with music production, releasing two full producer albums under the name Nasti Nate08. However, one night in 2010 changed his musical direction forever. That night a friend convinced him to attend a Rusko show at limelight and he was completely blown away by it.  This was his first introduction to dubstep and he was immediately hooked, and soon began looking into other producers in the genre, which eventually introduced him to Bassnectar, who’s influence is still seen in Nightfrog’s production to this day.

During this time frame, he was living with Milkchalk, another rising producer in the Nashville area, who convinced him to start DJing. Once he was confident enough to perform live, he then played his first show as Nightfrog at a Halloween event. After that show Djing quickly became his new passion, and after a few shows, he realized that he wanted to drop in his own music to fit his vision of a performer.

In the more recent years Nightfrog has become one of the core members of Nashville’s underground bass scene. He is part of music collective the Cup Overfloweth Crew with along with acts like Sickish, Milkchalk , Medic, Sundin, Wicasa and Achilles. This collective is the team responsible for the popular Nine2Grime events, which helps give up and coming DJs and producers a platform to perform and showcase their music. It is truelly amazing to see the passion that people like Nightfrog have for growing the EDM scene here in Nashville and we’re super excited to see what he does next!

Check out our write up on Nightfrog’s Remix of “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys.

Follow Nightfrog here!





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