About Me

I have been a fan of electronic music since my junior year in high school. I had become a pretty avid music fan at that point but everything changed when I heard the Flosstradamus remix of Major Lazer’s Origonal Don. That song introduced me to trap music which eventually opened the door to other types of electronic music. It wasn’t until I came to Nashville that I saw my first EDM show, The Mad Decent Block party featuring Diplo, Big Gigantic, Zed’s Dead and many others. It was that show that set my fandom to a fever pitch, however I soon realized that these event are few and far between here. Despite the rare EDM occurrences, every show I went to would be a night to remember. Fast forward to this year, I attend a show featuring only local artist in a sold out venue. The place is absolutely packed and everyone is enjoying themselves. I realized that despite what many think, there is a strong underground electronic presence here, we just need the right person to bring it to the surface.

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