Medic  – Always Changing

Medic delivers a much needed bass perception with his new track “Always Changing”. This is a deep dubstep song that delivers enough wubs to make any bass head happy. Pair that with the ominous phrase “always changing’’ being delivered throughout the track creates an experience that gives the listener an almost out of body experience. I would recommend hooking this one up to some good subs to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Jake Vicious and Jen Miller – God’s Gift (Sego Genesis Remix)

Recently Sego Genesis dropped his take on Jen Miller and Jake Vicious’s Collaborative track “God’s Gift”. His interpretation breathes a whole new life into the track, bringing his signature chill vibes as well as a few surprises. What really caught me off guard with this one is the synth work used in the drops. Something about it reminds me of classic 80’s film scores or even more recent reimaginings such as the soundtrack to Stranger Things. In a world fueled by nostalgic vibes, this remix is the perfect addition for any weekend parry playlist.

Check it out for yourself below!

Code: Pandorum & Autodrive & Qoeit – Deathsquad (SayLess Remix)

SayLess is back with their first release of the new year, a remix of the song Deathsquad by Code: Pandorum, Autodrive & Qoeit. Following their previous releases, the duo also uses this track as a opportunity to experiment with new sounds and genres. The first drop of the song is Deathstep, and trust me when I say this one is intense. Drawing from both dubstep and death metal influences, This is easily one of the hardest things I’ve heard from SayLess. The second drop switches gears and transitions into what is best described as “Dark Moombahton”.  Personally I’m a big fan of the switch, its a great way to keep the listen in their toes while still showing off SayLess’s capabilities as producers. I always love watching producers step out of their comfort zone and Deathsquad does not disappoint!

Be sure to catch SayLess at Local Mayhem on 2/15!

Check it out for yourself here!

Starstrukkd – Be Careful What You Wish For

Starstrukkd starts off 2019 with a bang with the release of his new single, “Be Careful What you Wish For”! This track sees Starstrukkd returning to his dubstep roots while still showing his growth as a producer within the last year. This is Starstrukkd’s first release on streaming platforms and according to him, this is the first of many big things happening this year! I can’t wait to hear what he does next!

Be careful what you wish for when you stream below!

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Sara Benyo – Shades of Gold

Today we’re going to mix it up a little bit and take a look at Sara Benyo’s new single “Shades of Gold”. “Shades of Gold” is the first single off of her upcoming EP of the same name. The track itself is an i blend of pop and house music. Benyo’s vocals do an incredible job at pulling the listener into the world that she is creating. The production of the track is also amazing, It not only complements the vocals well but also feel like it could bring a lot of energy into any DJ set. I’m definitely looking forward to  full release of “Shades of Gold” January 25th!

Listen for yourself here!

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Wicasa – Start to Fall (Feat Melon and Sick Timez)

Today Wicasa dropped their last single from the their upcoming EP “The Casa”. This track is titled “Start To Fall” and features guest appearances from singer Melon and producer Sick Timez. “Start to Fall” is a fantastic blend between vocals and Dubstep production. One of my favorite parts of the song is the guitar used throughout the drop. It’s a unique touch that really makes the song stand out. As far as I’m concerned Wicasa is 3 for 3 and I couldn’t be more excited for “The Casa” to finally drop!

Listen for yourself here!



Sick Timez

Wicasa – Bottom

Wicasa is back again with their second single off their upcoming “The Casa” EP titled “Bottom”. Like their previous release “Gawdzilla”, “Bottom” draws influence from a couple different genres. The song;s first drop draws heavily from bass house while the second half of the song switches into a style reminiscent of old school dubstep tracks. I absolutely love this song, and I can not wait to hear what Wicasa has in store for us once the full EP drops!

Check out “Bottom” Here!

The Flourish – Monday

Yesterday, Nashville based producer The Flourish released an incredible new track titled “Monday” through Above The Surface. Above The Surface is an independent record label, powered by Below The Surface, looking for and showcasing the most forward pushing electronic music. The track itself is mind blowing, featuring clean production and synth work that just takes you out of reality.  The feels are definitely strong with this one!

Vibe out to “Monday” here!

K-LO – Beyond My Reach (Feat Taylor Krebs)

Last week, K-Lo unleashed some serious heat on the world with his new track “Beyond My Reach” featuring Taylor Krebs. The track begins with a calm and relaxing atmosphere before bringing in vocals from Taylor that really brings the song together. The track then suddenly switches gears and builds up into a massive trap inspired drop. This release is a lot of fun and I’ve had this one on repeat since I found out about it. Give it a listen using the link below!

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