Sayless – Night Rollin

Sayless returns to their Bass House roots with their new single “Night Rollin”. This track really shows how much they have grown as producers since their “Kings” EP. “Night Rollin” feels like a combination of the best qualities from their early house tracks before dropping into a style that clearly draws from the dubstep elements that we’ve seen in their recent releases. They have stated that this will be their last Bass House track around 130bpm for a while, but it’s still great to hear them return to the style that originally caught my attention.

Listen to “Night Rollin” using the link below!

Jonny Grande signs management deal with 24-8 MGMT

Yesterday it was announced that Nashville based producer and DJ Jonny Grande an artist management deal with 24-8 MGMT. 24-8 is currently home to acts like Herobust, Dubloadz, Spag Heddy, Subfer and many others. Grande has been a central figure in the Nashville EDM scene for several years now. In addition to creating music, he is also responsible for the popular “Grande Thursdays” events, a platform for many up and coming producers to perform and showcase their music. His music and innovative spirit make him a perfect addition to the already amazing lineup of talented musicians and artists.

So from everyone here at Music City EDM, congratulations Jonny! It has been amazing getting to know you and your music over the past few months, and we’re extremely excited about your next endeavor.

Check out our write up of Jonny Grande here!

Starstrukkd – I Can Divide You

Starstrukkd is back with another banger. This dubstep track feels like a bit of a departure from the songs of his previous releases while still keeping the core elements of what I’ve come to love about a Starstrukkd track. Out of all the releases I’ve heard form Starstrukkd this summer, this is by far my favorite!

Check it out here!

Starstrukkd – Glass Half Full

Starstrukkd has been on a roll lately! Today he dropped his new track “Glass Half Full”.  The best word I can think of to describe this track is dirty. The track encompasses the grimy, headbanging vibe I’ve come to love from Starstrukkd’s work. Give it a listen down below (you may need a neck brace afterwards).

SayLess – Melee

SayLess decided to switch it up with their new track “Melee”. Departing from the trap and dubstep elements in past releases, “Melee” creates a vibe that reminds me of works by Major Lazer or Wiwek. This may be my favorite release from them this year and it’s really cool to see SayLess experimenting with different styles and sounds!

Listen to “Melee” here!

FRSHMNYR – Insanity

Yesterday, FRSHMNYR unleashed his new track “Insanity” on the world! released on Recall Records, the dubstep inspired track is a lot darker than his previous release “Count on Me” but still give the energy I’ve come to expect from his music. Featuring amazing vocal work and wubs that feel like a blend between old school dubstep tracks and FRSHMNYR’s signature style, This track is definitely one you don’t want to miss!


Listen to Insanity on Spotify here!

Sickish – Swamp Thing

Sickish helped start the weekend off right today with his new track “Swamp Thing”. The track brings a hybrid, consisting of of dubstep and trap elements throughout the song. My personal favorite part of the track comes about half way through the song, with a a second drop that feels reminiscent of Snail’s Vomitstep sound, with Sickish adding his own flavor to it.

Listen for yourself here!

New Music: Starstrukkd – “Nasty Nasty”

Following last month’s release “Sry Not Sry”, Starstrukkd is back with his new banger, “Nasty Nasty”. The dubstep track brings a kind of energy that proves that Starstrukkd is a force to be reckoned with Nashville’s bass community. I’ll definitely be dropping this one in a set in the near future!

Listen to “Nasty Nasty” here!

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