SayLess – Juicy

This has been a big weekend for SayLess, not only did their song “Cocktail” reach 10K streams on Spotify, but the duo also just dropped their new track “Juicy”. The song feels like a bit of a return to form, with influences from dubstep and trap being heard through the track. However, Like other recent SayLess releases, the track shows that they are not afraid to experiment with the sounds they use, resulting in a track that really shows why they stand out from other artists in the Nashville area. I’m certainly a big fan of “Juicy” and I can’t wait to hear what they do next!

Give it a listen here!

Bioluminescent- Where You Are

Yesterday Bioluminescent helped us celebrate 420 with the release of his incredible new track “Where You Are”. “Where You Are” is a 9 minutes musical journey that manages to keep the listener hooked from beginning to end. The track itself draws influence from multiple different styles of trance music, and changes the tone and energy through the song, delivering a single experience that makes full use of its full run time. This is definitely one of the most unique songs we’ve covered are and is certainly worth giving a listen!

Check it out here for yourself!

Rosé and John the Dropout – Got Mine

Rosé and John the Dropout have reunited to bring us a  brand new song titled “Got Mine”. “Got Mine” is a departure from the style found in their previous collaborations, leaving behind the future bass and trap inspired sounds for a more house influenced experience.n The song takes a more relaxed approach, with Rosé’s vocals being front and center to help tie the whole track together. This track continues to prove that John and Rosé are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Give “Got Mine” a listen here!



Ookay – Thief (Sickish Remix)

Yesterday, Sickish gave his take on the classic Ookay track, “Thief”. Upon release, he noted that this has been on of his favorite songs over the last few years and hoped that he would do the song justice. In my humble opinion, this track does an incredible job at staying true to the legacy of the original song. Rather than going a strictly trap or dubstep route live past remixers, Sickish opted to craft a track utilizing future bass elements resulting in a song that can stand on its own while giving an interpretation that I personally have not heard before. If you’re feeling nostalgic, I’d highly recommend giving this one a listen!

Check it out Thief (Sickish Remix) Here!

Bioluminescent – Shoot To Kill

Yesterday, Bioluminescent dropped his new track “Shoot To Kill”, a song that can be best described as dark dubstep. The buildup helps create a horror inspired atmosphere sampling various zombie films and media. The song then delivers two unique dubstep drops that each continue the darker themes of the song. I highly recommend giving the second drop a listen on a good subwoofer.

Check it out using the link below!

Souljunk – Can’t Take My Crown (2019 Promo Mix)

Souljunk has been a central figure in the Nashville EDM scene for a while now, and his new promo mix helps solidly that position. Titled “Can’t Take My Crown”, Souljunk uses this mix to showcase his skills as a DJ as well as dropping some fire Drum & Bass tracks. I really enjoyed this mix and I’m very excited to see Souljunk’s next live set!

Give it a listen here!

Sickish – “Lol IDK”

A few days ago, Sickish dropped a new track titled “Lol IDK”, and the song is what I like to describe as“Sh*t DJs Say”. Throughout the track there are several humorous takes on what DJs and concert goers might say at an EDM or Bass show. To me it kinda reminds of of #Selfie before it blew up. Pair this up with a signature Sickish Dubstep drop and you got yourself certified banger. At the end of the day it’s a really fun track and if you’re looking for a good laugh and some nice wubs, I’d recommend giving this one a listen!

Check it out here!

Crystalize, Finderz Keeperz & Sunday Service – Disco Weapon

Crystalize, Finderz Keeperz & Sunday Service have teamed up to bring us one of the heaviest tracks I have heard in a good while, titled “Disco Weapon”. Don’t let the title confuse you, this track is in fact, not disco. In reality, This track is straight riddim and brings out the best of everyone involved. This track has the potential to be absolutely massive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing this one at festivals across the country.

Check it out for yourself here!

Flipp Dinero – Leave Me Alone (Jonny Grande Re-Edit)

Jonny Grande is back with his first release of 2019, a rework of Flipp Dinero’s popular track “Leave Me Alone”. This edit sees Grande bringing his signature dubstep inspired sound to the party ready track. Any day that sees new Grande music is a good day in my book and this track certainly does not disappoint!

Give it a listen here!

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